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In our shop we offer several levels of musical instrument repair services for woodwind instruments.


Our woodwind instrument repair services range from the very basic tune-ups and adjustments to complete overhauls which entail replacements of all pads (repad), felts and corks.


Repair services rendered are dependent on your needs and the condition of your instrument. 


Woodwind Services available:

  • Tune-up and adjustments

  • Clarinet, repads and overhauls

  • Flute and piccolo repads and overhauls

  • Saxophone repairs, adjustments , repads and overhauls

  • Oboe service including key adjustment and regulation as well as overhauls

  • Damage repair

We offer basic repairs and general maintenance services on all brass instruments.


Damage Repair On Brass Instruments:

  • Stuck Valves

  • Broken Solder Joints

  • Mouthpiece Replacement

  • Removal Of Stuck Slides

  • And More!


We will be glad to evaluate your instrument and provide an estimate to get back to proper playing condition.

Is your store too small to have full time repair person?

Is your budget too tight to invest in repair parts and equipment?

Do you need extra help getting through a big rush of instrument repairs or servicing rental instruments?

We can help by supplementing your existing repair services or providing you with a complete high quality band instrument repair program.


We will work with you to create a program that will fit the needs of your store and your customers. Call us for more information.